AI-Powered Legal Tools

AI-Powered Legal Tools

‘PocketLaw’ is a Stockholm-based startup creating digital, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions for the legal field. The company raised $11 million USD in a Series A round of funding in order to improve and deploy its automation services. PocketLaw focuses on automating monotonous legal tasks that subject-matter experts are often faced with. These tasks involve creating long, drawn-out documents that are essentially compilations and restructurings of other documents.

PocketLaw will allow subject-matter experts to create these documents through an automated process. The worker simply answers a set of questions and instructs the application on what kind of document the worker wants. The application will then create a reliable, high-quality legal document out of the information provided. Additionally, PocketLaw offers solutions for tracking and managing these legal agreements over time.

Image Credit: PocketLaw


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