Anime-Themed Smartphones

Anime-Themed Smartphones

Samsung has finally revealed its much anticipated limited edition Pok’emon Galaxy Z Flip 3. What makes this device unique is the many accessories it comes with. The Korea-exclusive phone comes in a specially themed Pok’emon box similar to what card collectors use to store their prized possessions. There is a card carry pouch in the pack, a Pikachu-tail key ring, a Pok’eball pop socket, and a customizable case for the Z3.

Pok’emon video game and anime lovers will be happy to know that they can customize their phone due to each case insert including a Pok’edex listing and number. The device also comes with pre-installed software modifications, including Pok’emon ringtones and wallpapers.

It is unknown if these features will reach the Galaxy Store in the future, but for now, Pok’emon Galaxy Z Flip 3 buyers are in an exclusive club. Other than these features, the phone is the same as the regular Galaxy Z flip 3 holding 8GB Ram and 128/256GB of storage.

Image Credit: 9to5 Google


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