Best headphone deals for April 2022

Best headphone deals for April 2022

Best headphone deals for April 2022

There’s tons to consider when picking out headphones, and the best headphones vary wildly in terms of features and prices. But the good thing about there being so many options available is that there’s something for everyone. That’s why we’ve picked out the best headphones deals for every budget and need, while looking at what makes them so great. Read on while we take you through everything on offer right now. There’s sure to be something to entice you.

Best Headphone Deals
Sony WH-CH510 – <span data-placement="deeplink" data-deeplink="1" class="dtcc-deeplink" data-cloudcity="1" data-align="" data-type="deeplink-textlink" data-merchant="5d7690f161b3f3001859bd59" data-url="" data-title="$40, was $60" data-cta="$40, was $60” data-pid=”” >$40, was $60
Sennheiser Momentum – <span data-placement="deeplink" data-deeplink="1" class="dtcc-deeplink" data-cloudcity="1" data-align="" data-type="deeplink-textlink" data-merchant="5d7690f161b3f3001859bd59" data-url="" data-title="$300, was $400" data-cta="$300, was $400” data-pid=”” >$300, was $400
Bose QuietComfort 45 – <span data-placement="deeplink" data-deeplink="1" class="dtcc-deeplink" data-cloudcity="1" data-align="" data-type="deeplink-textlink" data-merchant="5d7690f161b3f3001859bd59" data-url="" data-title="$279, was $329" data-cta="$279, was $329” data-pid=”” >$279, was $329
Bose Headphones 700 – <span data-placement="deeplink" data-deeplink="1" class="dtcc-deeplink" data-cloudcity="1" data-align="" data-type="deeplink-textlink" data-merchant="5d7690f161b3f3001859bd59" data-url="" data-title="$329, was $379" data-cta="$329, was $379” data-pid=”” >$329, was $379
Apple AirPods Max – <span data-placement="deeplink" data-deeplink="1" class="dtcc-deeplink" data-cloudcity="1" data-align="" data-type="deeplink-textlink" data-merchant="5b9be81f89f4b3242158adcd" data-url="" data-title="$479, was $549" data-cta="$479, was $549” data-pid=”” >$479, was $549
Sony WH-CH510 – $40, was $60
Best headphone deals for April 2022
Why Buy
Voice assistant support
Hands-free calling
Good battery life
Comfortable fit
If you want headphones from a reputable brand like Sony but you don’t want to shell out lots of cash, then the Sony WH-CH510 might be a good choice. They’d be ideal starter headphones for kids or students, or an extra pair to throw in a bag if you want headphones for when you’re traveling but you don’t want to risk battering or losing your more pricey headphones.
At this price there’s no noise cancelling software, but you will get wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and the ability to easily and comfortably make calls or interact with your voice assistant. That could make these a good choice for office users as well who want to be able to chat hands-free with their built-in microphone.
The battery life on these is an impressive 35 hours, so you can comfortably use them over several days without needing to charge them. When it does come time to charge, they support USB Type-C charging with the included cable. They also have the adjustable fit and swivel design found on many Sony headphones, making them comfortable to wear and easy to fold up and pop into a bag.

Sennheiser Momentum – $300, was $400
Best headphone deals for April 2022
Why Buy
Active noise cancelling
Excellent sound quality
Microphone for taking calls
Comfortable leather cups and headband
Audio enthusiasts love Sennheiser headphones for their clarity and fidelity, so if you’re after a pair of headphones which will let the music you’re listening to sound as its producers intended, then the Momentum are a great choice.
These headphones have the features that you’d expect from a pair of mid-range over-the-ear headphones like active noise cancelling – though it’s not quite as good as the noise cancelling offered by competitors like Sony and Bose, it’s good enough for most needs – as well as Bluetooth support and support for voice assistants.
The Momentum headphones are also comfortable thanks to leather ear cups and padded headband, and have a stylish audio-focused look. If you want to be able to make phone calls as needed but your real passion is for audio quality then you’ll find the Sennheiser Momentum a pleasing option.

Bose QuietComfort 45 – $279, was $329
Best headphone deals for April 2022
Why Buy
Great noise cancellation
Adjustable EQ
Fast charging
Very comfortable
The Bose QuietComfort 45 are a great pair of headphones. They offer a substantial wealth of features along with fantastic sound quality that you can adjust when needed. The Bose QuietComfort 45 uses Acoustic Noise Cancelling which means a combination of additional external microphones (six in all) and enhanced signal processing means that the Bose QuietComfort 45 cancel out noise in a far better fashion than many competitors. Alongside that, you get the choice of switching over to Ware mode so you can bring the outside world in via microphones that pick up the sounds around you and play them naturally through your headphones. That means little need to take them off. Fortunately, they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to an updated design that offers smooth, pleatless cushions and earcup caps so you’re good to go all day long.
Those earcups are smart too thanks to TriPort acoustic architecture which vents them to add depth and fullness without increasing their size. In conjunction, to enhance the sound quality, you also have adjustable EQ which lets you set the bass, mid-range and treble levels to get the music experience you most want. You also get clearer conversations every time via improved voice pickup and plenty of external microphones, plus the Bose Music app means you can get every single setting just how you want things to sound.
The Bose QuietComfort 45 won’t run out of juice any time soon either. They offer up to 24 hours of battery life on one charge along with a full charge taking just 2.5 hours via USB-C. A 15 minute charge gives you back up to 3 hours too proving super useful if you’re liable to forget to recharge your devices. Well rounded in every way, the Bose QuietComfort 45 are a delight to use and listen through.

Bose Headphones 700 – $329, was $379
Best headphone deals for April 2022
Why Buy
Fantastic call quality
Great noise cancellation
MultiPoint support
Very comfortable
The Bose Headphones 700 may not be the newest headphones any more but they’re ideally built for business and anyone that deals with a noisy commute. Still a feature in our look at the best noise cancelling headphones, they’re best for people who frequently listen to music in noisy locations and that need crystal clear call quality too. They can turn any space into a workplace thanks to their smart noise cancellation and great sound quality.
That’s helped by how it uses its microphones. The Bose Headphones 700 has microphones inside and outside the earcups which monitor sound and cancel them out. Through Bose’s patented TriPort acoustic headphone structure, they can maximize acoustic space, giving your music depth and detail at all times. It’s possible to choose from 11 different levels of noise cancellation so it works for every scenario. Full noise cancellation eliminates all distractions while full transparency means you can be aware of your surroundings. Alternatively, at all times, you’re only ever one click way from Conversation mode which pauses your music until you finish your conversation.
With six microphones working to cancel out noise so you can hear any callers better, the Bose Headphones 700 are great for taking important calls. You also get four microphones that combine to improve the clarity of your voice so the caller can hear you better and in a more professional manner. These are headphones designed for extensive use so it’s great that their earcups are angled at 15 degrees to mirror your head and ears. They’re really comfy and lightweight. Bundle in capacitive touch sensors, built-in voice control, and up to 20 hours of battery life, and it’s hard to fault these. You can even access Spotify at the tap of one button, as well as pair them up with a Bose soundbar 500 or 700.

Apple AirPods Max – $479, was $549
Best headphone deals for April 2022

Riley Young/Digital Trends

Why Buy
Fantastic active noise cancellation
Great transparency mode
Excellent build quality
Great sound quality
The Apple AirPods Max are expensive but fantastic quality. We called them the most fun headphones ever because that’s exactly what they are. They look super stylish and modern because they ooze class at every turn. They offer an Apple-designed dynamic driver so you get phenomenal high-fidelity audio at all times. Alongside that is exceptional active noise cancellation. Simply put, these headphones will block out all outside sound no matter what, so you can focus on what you’re listening to. When you do need to check back into the world, there’s always the headphones’ transparency mode. It lets you return and listen in and interact with the world once more, all in moments.
The features keep on coming with spatial audio a real highlight. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking means that the music ‘follows’ you around so you get theater-like sound that surrounds you making you feel like you’re at a live venue rather than listening to your headphones. It’s truly remarkable stuff and sounds amazing. Alongside that is computational audio which combines custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip so you get more reliable service and a fantastic listening experience.
It all takes hardly any time to set up too with on-head detection, effortless setup and seamless switching between all your Apple devices. You can even easily share audio between two sets of AirPods on your Apple devices. Up to 20 hours of listening time with ANC and spatial audio enabled is fairly respectable with an ultra low-power mode ensuring that storage won’t drain your battery by any means. They’re incredibly comfy to wear too thanks to a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions that cocoon your ears. Simply put, these are straightforward headphones that mean you can spend more time enjoying and less time tweaking or worrying about maintaining the battery.

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