Childhood Sandwich-Inspired Burgers

Childhood Sandwich-Inspired Burgers

The Counter PB&J Burger is arriving as a savory twist on the classic childhood sandwich that is likely to be a hit amongst consumers seeking out a new option to try out. The burger features an all-natural Angus beef patty that’s layered with American cheese, a secret peanut butter sauce, jelly ketchup, mixed greens and fried onion strings, all on a multigrain bun. The burger comes served with a side of the two peanut butter and jelly-themed sauces for dunking.

The Counter PB&J Burger is arriving alongside the Ultimate PB&J Shake that starts off with a peanut butter shake made using premium vanilla bean ice cream. The shake is then topped with two scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, grape jelly and two mini PB&J sandwiches.

Image Credit: The Counter


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