Joystick-Free Game Controllers

Joystick-Free Game Controllers

‘Hitbox Arcade,’ the company famous for its lap-sized all-button controllers with no joysticks, has released the ‘Smash Box.’ The company’s flagship product is the self-titled ‘Hitbox,’ which is a controller designed for fighting games such as ‘Street Fighter’ or ‘Guilty Gear.’ However, one popular genre of fighting games that the Hitbox did not cover is the platform fighting game, such as ‘Super Smash Brothers.’

The Smash Box, which is named after the platform fighter itself, is a high-end, heavy controller designed to give the player precise, reliable inputs to Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch. The controller features directional keys, “c” buttons, and all of the face buttons on a Nintendo controller laid out in an ergonomic and intuitive way.

Image Credit: Hitbox Arcade


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