Kriti Kharbanda: Every moviegoer wants to be entertained, irrespective of the language barricade

Kriti Kharbanda: Every moviegoer wants to be entertained, irrespective of the language barricade

Kriti Kharbanda: Every moviegoer wants to be entertained, irrespective of the language barrier – Times of India

Kriti Kharbanda has done her fair share of work in the film industry, including multiple films in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada languages. However, the actress’ perspective is clear. “I don’t look at it as different, regional parts of an industry. For me, it is the Indian film industry, and I am proud to be associated with it,” she says.

‘A film should be entertaining, irrespective of the language’
The perception of films, too, has changed with pan-India projects taking the spotlight. Ask her how she thinks this has changed the dynamics of the film industry and the Housefull 4 actress replies, “I think people have finally realised that unity is strength. We may speak different languages, but we are all Indian. Every movie goer, irrespective of the language they speak or understand, wants to be entertained when they go to a cinema hall. When you put your heart and soul into making a good project, it’s also important to make sure that it reaches every part of the country. Dub it into all languages and make sure everyone watches it and talks about it with pride. I am grateful that producers understand the importance of reaching a wider audience and are making sure they enjoy the product.”

Making the most of every opportunity
Having been part of OTT projects, and being a viewer too, Kriti feels that the space has changed a lot for everyone involved in showbiz. Has it also opened more avenues, giving actors increasing opportunities to showcase their work? To this, she says, “I think every opportunity, irrespective of the platform, is a great thing, and one should treat it as such. Personally, I believe in doing my best on each project. I can’t control the results or feedback, but I can surely give it my 100 per cent. Having said that, every actor looks for an opportunity to showcase what they are good at. The fact that people have become more accepting of watching films and shows on OTT platforms has changed things for us. Because of that, we are getting more opportunities. The industry will adapt to changes, but in the meantime, as an actor, all I wish for is that the viewers keep watching us on whatever platform they like to.”

‘Sustainable fashion is the need of the hour’
Kriti recently walked the ramp at a fashion event in the city. She says that while she prefers comfort over glamour any day, fashion can be a cool amalgamation of both. She says, “I am a ‘sneakers over heels’ kind of girl. But I feel fashion can be a mix of glamour and comfort. I also feel that sustainable fashion is the need of the hour. Repeating outfits should be normalised. I often wear the same outfits by just reinventing the way I style them. Among friends, we also time-share dresses. Ye karna chahiye. Outfit hai, OTP thodi hai jo ek baar use kiya to phir nahi karoge!” As for her memories of Pune, Kriti says she visited the city for the first time for her cousin’s wedding, 10 years ago. “I have shot here multiple times, but the wedding, the journey etc remain some of my fondest memories of Pune. I would love to spend more time in the city. In fact, mujhe Symbiosis mein padhna tha, but my parents said no to going out of Bangalore for studies. So that didn’t happen,” she shares.

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