Nostalgic Shooter Games

Nostalgic Shooter Games

‘Replicant D6,’ an indie game development studio, announced ‘Agent 64’ at the PC Gaming Show in June. Agent 64 is a retro-inspired title that the developer stated is heavily influenced by ‘GoldenEye 64,’ a James Bond game for the Nintendo 64. Agent 64 was created to look and feel like this game in nearly every aspect, but with original content and an original story.

The environments feature a Nintendo 64-era blocky feel while the character maneuvers in an equally blocky way. In continuing to pay homage to its roots, Agent 64 allows the character to aim the gun to different parts of the screen, as the original Nintendo 64 console only had one joystick, which meant players must be stationary to aim.

Replicant D6 stated that the game will launch with three story missions and that more missions will be added over time as the team continues to develop the title.

Image Credit: Replicant D6


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