synergy  Candy Cookies

synergy  Candy Cookies

Collaboration Candy Cookies

The M&M’s x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie has been created in collaboration between the candy brand and the Founder and CEO of Milk Bar to provide a special treat for avid fans to try out.

The cookie features a vanilla base that is studded with the M7M’s Crunchy Cookie candies in the center, while the edge is covered with miniature crispy chocolate chip cookies. Limited to just 100 examples, the cookies are a one-time-only creation that are being made available on a to-be-announced, first-come, first-served basis.

Tosi spoke on the new M&M’s x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie saying, “Thinking up new and never-before-heard-of desserts is what I love to do, so the opportunity to develop a Mars cookie inspired by the new M&M’S Crunchy Cookie candies was a real treat. The texture and crunch of M&M’S Crunchy Cookie is so unique, it was important to me that I designed the M&M’S x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie to include layers of crunch to mimic the M&M’S candy, so that each bite offers the ultimate crunchy cookie experience.”


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