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Heist-Inspired Sneakers

Heist-Inspired Sneakers Reebok and Netflix's 'Money Heist' have collaborated on a collection of apparel and footwear inspired by the popular series. The range sees Reebok's most iconic silhouettes, 'Classic Leather,' 'Freestyle High,' 'Zig Kinetica II' and 'Club C,' reimagined with 'Money Heist' motifs. The 'Classic Leather' is decorated with a 3D-molded

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E-Signature ID Verification Tools

E-Signature ID Verification Tools Annature, Australia's leading premier electronic signature, ID verification and payment company, has announced that it will be upgrading its eSigning platform by introducing a completely integrated Identity (ID) verification solution powered by a multi-national financial services software company Stripe. The new Stripe

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