TikTok Safety Hubs

TikTok Safety Hubs

Social video giant TikTok has announced the launch of its new ‘Brand Safety Centre,’ a new resource page that will function as the main hub for all of the company’s brand safety developments. The new space will include all of TikTok’s articles, insights, partnership details, and information pertaining to safety on the platform.

According to the company, the Brand Safety Centre was created to support TikTok’s commitment to “becoming the safest, most trusted entertainment platform for people and brands.” The new page will consist of six different sections including ‘Our Mission,’ ‘Latest Announcements,’ ‘Partnerships & Certifications,’ ‘Transparency,’ ‘Success Stories,’ and ‘Watch & Learn.’

Overall, TikTok intends for its revamped brand safety initiatives to help keep its community of users safe while providing partnering companies with safe advertising solutions.

Image Credit: TikTok


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