Top 30 Video Ads in May

Top 30 Video Ads in May

From beer anti-fakeness ads to spring-inspired easter market ads, the May 2022 video ads focus on authenticity and the arrival of spring.

One notable example from the May 2022 video ads list comes from Baby Dove. The brand recently launched the #OneRealPressure campaign to empower mothers this Mother’s Day by driving awareness and inspiring conversation about postpartum journeys. “One Real Pressure” is the campaign’s first video, which sheds light on aspects of motherhood that are often overlooked. This campaign aims to de-stigmatize postpartum struggles.

Another intriguing video ad launched in May comes from Heineken. The brand partnered with Thierry Henry and Alex Scott for a commercial to end gender bias in sports. The commercial shows Arsenal highlights being watched on his couch by Thierry Henry, one of the greatest strikers in history. However, the commercial reveals that Arsenal women’s soccer player Alex Scott has been the player they have been cheering on the whole time.


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