Top 85 Luxury Trends in May

Top 85 Luxury Trends in May

This collection of May 2022 luxury innovations showcases some of the industry’s most unique products. From handbags to carrots, these luxury items are pushing the boundaries of traditional design codes.

Coperni, for example, launched a glass version of its iconic Swipe handbag. Dubbed the Glass Swipe, the brand’s signature handbag is rendered in a clear hand-blown glass design. While the material is unconventional, the design is highly modern and minimalist.

Another innovation comes from McCormick, who created a 24-karat gold carrot as part of a golden giveaway. The custom-made carrot was created by Ben Baller and Slauson Steve, weighing approximately 600 grams and featuring a solid gold interior. These luxury items showcase the amount of detail and creativity put into each design.


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